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Baja Charters has successfully operated the PREMIER whale shark encounter for ten years with a 100% track record for locating whale sharks during the legal season, PROVIDING the port was open and government regulations did not prevent access to the whale shark feeding zone.

We provide a large and spacious sailing catamaran, or a 96’ Cruising Yacht, with one or more licensed and certified snorkel boats, licensed captains, and certified guides.

Ground transportation is included along with, wetsuits, snorkel gear, a choice of full-face or standard snorkel masks, snorkel vests, towels, private bathrooms, private fresh-water showers, and reef-friendly sunscreen.

An onboard chef prepares meals, which are also included. We provide an array of beverages, snacks, and an open bar. We typically provide a marine biologist as your teacher and instructor. There are excellent areas to lay-out on board and enjoy your cruise. For service quality reasons, we self-restrict on board guest count to well below our licensed capacity.

We are NOT a cattle-car style tour company!

Ground transportation is included. We pick up guests at the lobbies of all hotels in the greater Cabo and San Jose areas. On rare occasion, in the San Jose area during holidays, we need to meet San Jose guests at the central Starbucks at the main traffic circle.

The sailing catamaran is the largest, and certainly the nicest, of the vessels doing this activity. We have lots of space and are virtually never crowded. We provide a chef, meals, beverages, an open bar, a marine biologist as hostess and snorkel leader, certified guides as required with separate snorkel boats, depending on how many persons are on board.

For quality-of-service reasons we self-restrict the number of guests on board our large and spacious sailing catamaran to 2/3rds of our licensed capacity, but rarely reach that number, except during the weeks around Christmas and Spring break.
Government rules allow a maximum of five guests in the water with a certified whale shark guide at any given time. So, when we are permitted to enter the whale shark feeding zone, (entry is controlled by a federal agency), guests shift to a snorkel boat with a guide and licensed captain. As we have more guests than are permitted on a single snorkel boat, we add additional snorkel boats and guides. The snorkel boats come up to the steps of the sailing catamaran and take guests into the area to swim with whale sharks.

On average, during the whale shark season, we range from 6 to 12 guests onboard, during the Christmas period 16 to 20. The boat itself is large and comfortable with plenty of space to lie out and enjoy the cruise. The sailing catamaran is licensed for thirty, but as explained above, we self-restrict for both logistical and quality of service reasons. 

You may book at on this website by clicking on Book Now. It will take you through the process including date selection. If you need personal assistance, or prefer to book via email or by phone, contact us via, or our local English Only line 612 152 9940, or our Spanish-German line at 624 128 5666. You may also reach us via our US line 214 974 0501.

Plan for an entire day. The typical time spent on board for the whale shark and sea lion encounter is 5 ½ hours. It can be longer, or slightly less, depending on the time federal regulators assign for entry to the whale shark park. Guests using our ground transportation from the greater Cabo area are scheduled for pickup sometime between 6 AM and 6:45 AM. It is approximately a 2-hour drive to La Paz. The whale shark park is the only legal area for swimming with whale sharks. The time allowed inside the whale shark park is limited to 2 hours. Thereafter, we proceed to the sea lion colony of San Rafaelito. There are tropical fish over corals at this location. Depending upon the entry time assigned to the whale shark area, we may do the sea lion encounter first.

Yes, there is a discount for driving on your own. We reduce the per person rate by US $30 if you are driving to the yacht on your own. If booking online, and not requiring our ground transportation, use promo code: 37483.

Yes, there is a discount for returning guests. If you have been out with us before, please use promo code: 738876, when booking online.

Winds and waves in the Cabo area are RARELY a good indicator of winds and waves in La Paz. The water in the La Paz area is usually swimmable. Certainly, more so than in the Cabo area. We are careful to examine forecasts daily, but wave heights and wind forecasts are sometimes wrong. When we are required to reschedule, usually a decision made by the Port Captain’s office, we endeavor to get you out the next day or as soon thereafter as possible.

If we believe the port will close on a given day or days, based on weather forecasts for the area you are due to visit, we will reach out to you beforehand to reschedule. Temperature and overcast do not restrict nautical activities, forecast wind speed, and wave heights can.
We provide wetsuits and shorties in adult sizes for when it’s cold. We have some children’s sizes as well. On board, we have private bathrooms with fresh hot water showers and clean towels.

Refund Policy
If maintenance issues, or anything within the normal control of Baja Charters, prevents you from enjoying your booked cruise date, we will provide you with an alternative date that works within your travel plans, or refund your money completely.
Baja Charters is not responsible for the Port Captain closing the Port, government edict, or in the case of whale shark excursions, changes in bureaucratic regulations without adequate notice. However, in these situations, we provide you with an alternative date that works within your travel plans, or issue you an assignable, three-year, assignable, cash certificate that may be used the same as cash for the same or any future activities aboard Baja Cat, Lucky One, Pacifica, or the Marylee. 

Swimming with a Whale shark outside the federally controlled feeding zone depends on where we might see them. If we find a whale shark outside a proscribed shipping lane or other restricted area, then yes, we may be able to swim alongside, subject to currents, swells and other safety concerns.

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