Whale Shark Overnight Option
on Pacifica 96' Cruising Yacht

This new nautical offering is a combination of whale sharks, sea lions, snorkeling with tropical fish, sports fishing, and an island exploration. It is a Real Lifetime Experience! Snorkel with whale sharks in the morning, then swim with sea lions and tropical fish in the afternoon. Then set out lures for sports fishing your way to the islands. When you arrive, you can stroll a deserted white sand beach or play with tropical fish around corals, and enjoy the peace and beauty of it all. You can explore various remote beaches, bays and coves, from our snorkel boat, or do it from a kayak, or paddle board. You’ll be spending the night at anchor in a quiet cove under star-studded skies. The crew will shine lights in the water to bring up the swirling schools of manta rays. These amazing rays are safe; you can literally swim with them.

This incredible, All-Inclusive Whale Shark and Overnight Island excursion, is aboard Pacifica, our 96’ cruising yacht. Everything is included, ground transportation, a licensed professional crew, a chef, and a marine biologist as teacher, hostess, and snorkel leader. Park fees and whale shark fees, and even a fishing license, are included, and everything else you’ll need for your Experience of a Lifetime. Visit www.BajaPacifica.com for yacht details. Reservations are required. Sailings are limited to just eight guests. Yet, this incredible opportunity is modestly priced at only US $995* per overnight per person. Call our Baja Charters’ US number now, for availability: 214 974 0501.
· Plus Mexican Sales Tax

All-Inclusive Whale Shark and Overnight Island excursion

$ 995 per person
    plus tax

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